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Yevo:™ Cutting-Edge Nutrition Technology Disguised as Every-Day Foods you Love to Eat!

Why Yevo Works: It's all in the Delivery.

The REAL FOOD delivery system is what makes this different. Yevo Perfect Nutrition is in the form of actual food making the nutrients recognized as food which in turn trigger the nutrient sensors and are absorbed and thus utilized by the body for repair and maintenance. Pills, tablets and capsules, potions and powders are not recognized by the body as food and are subsequently underutilized, a bit like getting a drink from a fire hose. It's there but most of it misses the target.

Yevo 43 Essential Nutrients Whole Food Delivery System is Proteins, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals and even Omegas - all in Raw UnDenatured Form - all in the exact dosage & proportion the body requires in food every single day, but quite literally no one gets.
This is different. This is Yevo™.

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ALL FOODS ARE GLUTEN FREE (except granola and curry sauce)

Yevo™ Launch Call Feb 2, 2015    

Peter Castleman Only Excerpt     

Yevo Changed our lives
Our Yevo Experience
The oatmeal and rice cereal is all we use personally, because using it twice daily so dramatically changed our lives. We never intended to lose weight and we certainly never expected to get delivered of Diabetes.
We decided to give the product an ACTUAL SHOT, not a part time or sometimes shot.
We wanted to PROVE or DISPROVE for ourselves whether the product was of any worth.
So we committed to 100% of the 43 essential nutrients - That meant eating oatmeal or rice TWICE daily, each and every day, with few exceptions.
My wife, Dolores, has been type II diabetic for years, many of her family have died from complications of that.
2 months into eating the two meals approximately 12 hrs apart to keep the 43 Essential Nutrients in hour systems 24/7, the doctor cut her meds in half.
4 months in, he cut them in half again.
at seven months, he removed her from all meds, declared her OFFICIALLY, no longer type II Diabetic.
He weighed us both and she had lost 42lbs and I had lost 46lbs - without dieting, exercise or self denial - or HUNGER -
It keeps your hunger satisfied for at least 8 hrs after you eat it, slowly feeding your system over time.
Since then none has come back - no more has been lost.....Our Bodies have reached balance.
She had to get new pants and came home with size 8 skinny jeans.
She told me, "David I haven't been size 8 since I WAS EIGHT!"
She still tests her blood weekly but still tests lower than when she was taking the Metformin, glyposide and the other one.
Yes, it was a learning curve (learning to eat this twice daily) but yeah we still eat oatmeal or rice twice daily most days.
We always let it sit 15 minutes (in thick glass to keep it warm) and add raisins and dried cranberries and diced apple to make it hearty and interesting!
The Bulk Pouch is enough food for One Person for one Week - two meals pers day - and is a little over $50
We did the math before we started on what our grocery spend each week was and it honestly is about the same.
Only thing is now we are eating RAW food, not processed food.
Yevo is never Cooked, not by the company and not by you, so all nutrients are intact.
It's prepared at -55 degrees and you just add hot water.
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Quick Answers For Pertinent Questions

Why Yevo? Why Now? [CLICK Here]

Why Yevo? Why Now?

100 years of processed food has brought so many new things into our lives. We have the convenience of having almost any kind of food we want anytime and for cheap. The Grocer Giants have become discount outlets for the Industrial Food Giants, the producers of cheap industrially-produced food products that have been stripped of essential nutrients.

The Industrial Food Giants have become preparatory agents for the Medical Industry, stripping out essential nutrients and leaving us with economical food that eventually brings negative consequences in our health, causing us to turn to the Pharmaceutical Industry for relief of symptoms and conditions that did not even exist in America until 100 years ago. Our compromised diets mean eventual compromised health and a Big Payday for Big Pharma.

Surprised to find out you've been raised in one system to process you, condition you and prepare you for another system?

[speaking of escaping a SYSTEM, Yevo breakfast has been called by some "Matrix Food", referring to the food they ate in the movie "The Matrix". It contained every single thing the body and mind needed.]

Cheap Food is Cheapend Food (Pay Now or Pay Later)

How many conditions can you think of that names had to be invented for in the last 120 years? Fibromyalgia? Diabetes? Multiple Sclerosis? Coronary Heart Disease? Hypertension? It's a big list. Before the Industrial revolution which brought us cheap, mass-produced, processed food products, no one in our families had ever heard of these conditions, because frankly they were too rare for us to be aware of them.

The grocery stores of the 1800's. Do you know what they were? They were your husbandry, YOUR Garden and Your animals, your neighbor's garden and your neighbor's ranch. The care, cultivation, and breeding of crops and animals was a way of life because it was the only way to survive and thrive. It was the American Way. We grew and raised our own food. We traded our products with others producers to get the all the things we needed for our families. The store in the local town was typically called a "Dry Goods Store" and the things we got there were adjuncts like spices, baking powder, baking soda and salt, sugar and coffee; tools, nails, fencing wire, Fabric and thread; things we could not make or grow easily. The local store was never our source of nutrition.

How things have Changed.

Our Food source is now the "Big-Mart" around the corner where our buying decisions are often made based on price and size and variety, not nutrition. When we make those choices, we choose to cede our nutrition decisions to Industrial Complexes commonly referred to as "The Food Giants", the brands like Kraft, General Mills, Kellogg, Pepsico, Post Foods and Nestle. When they can temp you to buy cheap, cheaper and cheapest, they now have the power of your present and future health.

The Farmer's markets and open air swap meets are the closest thing we have to the way things were when we were by-and-large a healthy nation, when diseases were viruses and such, not diet-induced debilities like we experience today.

Even foods you think are healthy have often been stripped of nutrients. When you open a can of vegetables, you believe you are getting whole vegetables but in reality that can's contents is fully cooked. That boiling deactivates the enzymes and boils away the things that make raw food RAW FOOD. Yevo Food is never cooked, Not by Yevo and not by you. It starts raw, prepares raw, preserves raw and enters you raw, with all the nutrients intact.

Yevo has acquired one of only a handful machines in existence on earth that can prepare and preserve food without cooking out the nutrient value. This preservation process is more than dehydration or freeze-drying, so unique it has it's own patent.

Yevo: We make bad foods good, good foods great and great foods outstanding.

Why Yevo Works. It's all in the Delivery.[CLICK Here]

Why Yevo Works: It's all in the Delivery.

Pills, potions and powders are not solid food. Yevo is.

The REAL FOOD delivery system is what makes Yevo different. Nutrient Dense, High Viscosity Food. Yevo Perfect Nutrition is in the form of actual food making the nutrients recognized as food which in turn trigger the nutrients sensors, causing the body to detect, absorb and utilize them for repair and maintenance, for energy and balance. Pills, tablets and capsules, potions and powders are not recognized by the body as food because they are not in whole form and are subsequently underutilized.

There are a quickly growing number of green powders out there, many very nutritious and making a difference in people's health, but no matter how potent a combination of raw foods, they are not food in solid form, do not coat or "stick to" the nutrition sensors in the digestive tract and instead, pass right through, only partially absorbed and utilized.

Yevo's one-of-a-kind viscosity technology is the key to getting the High-Density Nutrition detected by the nutrition sensors, absorbed and utilized.

That means all 43 Essential Nutrients - Proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and even omegas - Macro-Nutrients and Micro-Nutrients all in the exact dosage in the exact proportion the body REQUIRES IN FOOD every single day, but quite literally no one gets.

This is different.

This is Yevo.

PLEASE Read! The Right Way to Buy Yevo The First Time [Click!]

Buying right for Your Purposes is Important
We recommend that you BUY the Bulk Pouches, enough for a month (min) to start and remember: 1 Bag = 1 person for 1 Week

A Two Month commitment is a wise start - rmember that this is not drugs, or a supplement like a pill, powder or potion
Nature works gradually, inviting healing rather than forcing an immediate response.
At two months is where we got our first doctor documented results.

How We Prepare it: We let it sit longer than the package suggests and add a tad more water, in thick glass bowls covered by thick glass saucer to keep it warm. We lift the lid every five minutes and stir and squish the crunchies. We always add dried fruit like raisins and cranberries and we like to split a diced apple that has simmered in the water before the water was added to the cereal.

We've tried all the products and ended up preferring the Oatmeal and Rice cereal because thats what had the most profound effect upon us as a couple.

What to expect: It may be thicker than you are used to. That's the one-of-a-kind patent-pending viscosity technology. If You thin it to make it more like what you are used to, you'll be defeating the purpose - Don't do that. Yevo's one-of-a-kind viscosity technology is the key to getting the High-Density Nutrition detected by the nutrition sensors, absorbed and utilized for repair and maintenance. Taste a bite before you put anything on it. I had my butter and brown sugar ready but ended up not using anything. You probably won't need to use your usual condiments either.

Most people report not being hungry for many more hours than normal after eating Yevo. My own experience and that of several of my contemporaries was in the 9-10.5 hours range with no hunger, no cravings for snacks and unusually elevated energy levels throughout. Many noticed Clearer Thinking and Increased Mental Acuity. The Amino acids in it would seem to bear this out as far as reasoning is concerned, but your results will be your results. Some folks are more in tune with the way they think, feel and move than others.

Trying Yevo is about seeing what you experience from putting this "Next Generation Complete Nutrition Delivery System" to work For You in Your Own Body which means actually "doing" Yevo at the two meals per day for the 100% of Essential Nutrients for a period of time. (each one has 50% of daily)

What to Expect: As Perfect, Complete Nutrition is introduced into your life for the first time. [no, you have never had it, it's true ] Your Body will begin to balance itself because you've given it Real Tools and Real Supplies to build with. Most folks report noticing postive weight changes as this balancing occurs. If you are heavier than you'd like, you'd be wise to write down your weight the day you start and maybe take a phone picture of your face close-up, as many people report weight loss after two weeks (I lost 8lbs) and most folks see skin tone improvements.

Essential Nutrients

We all know what those two words mean, but how many of us have seen them used together before now?

    Essential Nutrients are those nutrients that your body absolutely needs to survive and thrive. There is absolutely no debate amongst scientists or researchers or anyone anywhere you go, that the vast majority of us no matter where you live; no matter if you are a man or woman, no matter if you are old or young, no matter what race you are; no matter where you're from; nobody gets sufficient essential nutrients.

    Let's think about that. You might say that if you get 50% or 60% of the essential nutrients, you'd feel pretty good about that. So you feel pretty good about getting 50% of what's absolutely essential? Really? Let's put it another way.

    Would you feel "Pretty Good" about going to work wearing only 50% of the clothing that's absolutely essential for going to work? How well would your car run if you only had 50% of the essential parts? How about as a parent, if you only did 50% of what is essential for raising your kids? How about your Marriage? Or how long would you last at your job if you only did 50% of what was essential?
Kind of crazy when you think about it that way, right?

    When you think about what we DO put into our bodies, all kinds of artificial and processed things, we don't put the good stuff in, instead we put all kinds of things that are not recognizable as Nutrition by our bodies. Our bodies don't know what to do with that, our bodies simply can't use those things to build and repair and maintain itself.
And then we're kind of surprised when the response from our bodies is weight gain, inflammation and slowing down.

Do you have what it takes to be an AGENT OF CHANGE?

In 1911, hydrogenated oil, aka: Crisco, was invented.

    If you compare maps of populations that consume Hydrogenated Oils in the primary food supply with a map of the occurrence of many modern conditions and diseases including Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, even heart Disease and Diabetes - Your Eyes Will Open. This amazing correlation is no coincidence.

    In the last 100 years hydrogenated oils have gone from non-existent to present in a staggering over 70% of our primary food supply. Convenient, low cost, long shelf-life foods have come at a terrible cost to human health and wellness. The ease of preparation, great taste and freedom from the kitchen have given way to conditions and diseases that names had to be invented for because they did not exist before. Food companies have manipulated food, focusing their energies perfecting the "unholy trinity", the perfect combination of Salt, Sugar and Fat that excites the "bliss" or pleasure centers of our brain, and always leaves us wanting more.

    This addictive agenda causes us to eat more of the empty calories because our brains send the message NOT ENOUGH. This has opened the door for an Industry that did not exist before, the Pharmaceutical Industry. As the food we eat creates in us conditions in growing severity, "Big Pharma" has become the most powerful industry in the civilized world.

    Yevo™ Food is carefully designed to provide all 43 of the essential nutrients as well as the "good fats" and protein needed by the human body. It's patent-pending viscosity properties coat the stomach and properly activate the nutrition sensors there so that the brain send the "THAT'S ENOUGH" signal, leaving us satisfied emotionally and nutritionally.

What will your life be like after a year of Yevo™?

TESTIMONY DISCLAIMER: All testimonies and experiences are the opinions and beliefs of individuals who have used YEVO products and are not necessarily the opinions or beliefs of YEVO International Inc. The testimonies are not intended to claim that YEVO products can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These testimonies posted on this website are published for informational purposes only. This information should not in any way be used as a substitute for the advice of a physician or other licensed health care practitioner. Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everyone can achieve.

yevo testimonials
Nestor M.

"I was very close to a heart attack last March 2015 I start with YEVO my breakfast only the oatmeal or the hot rice and coffee I lost more then 40 pounds I feel great and have 20 more pounds more to go."
Nestor M.

yevo testimonials
Sarah H.

I have been suffering from stage IV metastatic breast cancer for the past two years. I have done it all, chemo, radiation (twice), double mastectomy, it's been hell. Then I had a legion on my liver and in my lymph nodes that were discovered in July, 2015. What a sad time for my family and I, I am the proudest mother that you will ever meet of two amazing little girls.
I started eating Yevo in August, 2015. My scan results in October show that the legions on my liver and in my lymph nodes have disappeared. The only thing I did differently is I started eating Yevo!!!
Sarah H.

yevo testimonials
Sarah H.

I have been suffering from stage IV metastatic breast cancer for the past two years. I have done it all, chemo, radiation (twice), double mastectomy, it's been hell. Then I had a legion on my liver and in my lymph nodes that were discovered in July, 2015. What a sad time for my family and I, I am the proudest mother that you will ever meet of two amazing little girls.
I started eating Yevo in August, 2015. My scan results in October show that the legions on my liver and in my lymph nodes have disappeared. The only thing I did differently is I started eating Yevo!!!
Sarah H.

yevo testimonials
Betsy P.

"I am grateful to Yevo. I am a 60 year old female who has been on a YoYo diet all my life. As a nine year old, I was put on diet pills 51 years ago from my family pediatrician. That was my life! Since I began eating Yevo products , something magical has happened. For me.., it is not about the number on the scale. It is that I have beat Type 2 Diabetes, sleep like a baby, and feel like a woman again! Something inside me woke up! The weight loss is an added benefit! I am grateful knowing that I am changing lives sharing my story. Thank you Yevo!"
Betsy P.

yevo testimonials
Michael H.

"Been consuming the 43 Essential Nutrients for breakfast since February. I have lost 27 lbs., I am outside every day and am not getting sunburned, as in the past. I have had a crusty blemish on my left temple for 4-5 years and now it is almost completely gone. Also have a few dark spots on my back that have been there for decades and two have flaked off and are gone. The darkest spot of most concern has been dark like dark chocolate and has been getting lighter and is now the color of light milk chocolate. Our skin is our biggest organ and apparently is sucking up the Essential Nutrients."
Michael H.

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yevo testimonials
Mark P.

"I've wrestled with debilitating reflux since age 25 - for over 30 years of depressive affliction - like having the flu every month for 3-4 days. No meds or treatments have succeeded. Within a month after eating Yevo, ......... aha - it has vanished!!! My reflux affliction from 30 years of suffering has vanished just from eating Yevo oatmeal and rice. How wonderful is that?"
Mark P.

yevo testimonials
Tracy A.

"Yevo has given me a real answer to getting nutrition into my diet. I hit the big five-oh in December and was hitting new 'highs' in weight for almost a year. There has been a major change in my body over the last two months. I have real energy, not caffeine or sugar highs. I sleep well, my headaches have subsided, miscellaneous body aches are mostly gone. Today I saw a number I haven't seen on my scale in YEARS. Friends are asking me if I'm losing weight. For those of you out there like me who also want to lose some weight in a healthy way - I'm here to tell you it works"
Tracy A.

yevo testimonials
Rick M.

"These products have given me my life back after being terribly I'll for the past 18 months. I suffered from an upper respiratory issue combined with asthma. I've been on too many meds to mention here. In the last 4 months of eating what's available it's given me my life back. I'm no longer on any meds nor do I have to nebulize the 6-8 times that I had to prior to getting on the products. I share this personal issue & testimony with you, and as God as my witness, what I just shared with you is the truth. Don't deprive the many that you know that can use & benefit from what we have here. Good luck to you & God Bless."
Rick M.

yevo testimonials
Ross P.

"I have struggled and panicked as my weight just kept increasing. Last summer I reached 235 lbs. and was totally beside myself. I found Yevo and was able to get my cravings under control, but I was not consistent enough to start losing much weight, so I started the recommended two meals a day regimin. I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 211.8 lbs. I am not starving myself, I am able to still eat things I want, as long as I don't over do it. To top it off, I love having a smoothie when I want a snack. "
Ross P.

yevo testimonials
Grenay B.

"I had a bi-laderal quadricep tenden rupture and spent 6 mo in wheelchair then 6mo learning how to walk again. I gained so much weight due to the limited activity. Doctor disabled me and predicted my hypertension would worsen, l'd develop diabetes and etc... I continued to gain wreight and failed at every attempt to loose. I started eating yevo seriously in January. I weighted 257 and today I weight 235. What's more exciting then loosing 27lbs is the strength thats returning to my quads. I'm doing things the doctor said I would never do again. Im forgetting my cane, climbing stairs and my blood pressure is lower then it's ever been."
Grenay B.

yevo testimonials
Ashleigh B.

"My daughter is 2.5 years old and has had some pooping issues. She always would get upset about having to go poop. (Sorry if this is TMI) My husband mentioned to me this morning that since we have been eating this, she hasn't had one issue since we started YEVO. We both agreed that her behavior and attitude (terrible 2's) have drastically improved too. She literally has been the happiest we've ever seen her. I guess as a parent you don't really notice the little changes until it's pointed out! And when you do realize it, it's like Oh my goodness, you are sooo right!"
Ashleigh B.

Food Technology

yevo testimonials
Aldric B.

"I'm soooo excited about another personal testimonial that I have ok so I've been on high blood pressure medicine for about 15 years straight and since I've been on the Yevo 43EN Foods I've lost 20 pounds I feel great except for when I take my blood pressure medicine so after talking to nurse Ellie she advised me to take my blood pressure and see how high or how low it is for a week and then bring it to my doctor to see about lowering it if it's normal. my blood pressure is usually in the mid 150s without the medicine with the medicine it is usually around 139 142 . I've been feeling very fatigued after taking my medicine so I decided to check ... and it was 107/67 my blood pressure has never been this low in over 15 years ...amazing results can't wait to see my doctor so he could lower my dosage and hopefully soon take me completely off"
Aldric B.

yevo testimonials
Mandy K.

"I have been trying for years to lose weight and keep it off. I had almost given up but decided to give a go with Yevo! I am amazed at the results I have achieved so far! I am full and satisfied, my energy is amped and my sleep game is strong! What is even more exciting is how much better I feel....I am 33 and I feel like a kid! Food is something I used to take for granted. Now I see it as medicine for my body! I fuel myself with Yevo daily because being healthy is important!"
Mandy K.

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